Oiran experience in the center of hanamachi in Kyoto, Maiko costume rental studio MAICA

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Oiran experience in the center of hanamachi in Kyoto, Maiko costume rental studio MAICA



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About Maica

Oiran experience Maika HystoryOiran experience Maika Hystory

From seeing real maikos daily and working with Geishas (for over 30 years,) we have perfected Japanese make-up art and will make your authentic and glamourous Oiran experience come true.

Miyagawasuji, Maiko to meet locationMiyagawasuji, Maiko to meet location

Maikos train by day and put on white-base make-up night. There are daily occurances just out side of Maica. At Maica, you can also reserve real maikos to come, so don't hesitate to ask for more details.


Maica has the biggest photo shooting space in Kyoto and with any plan you can shoot freely in and outside of the facility, so you can have a variety of backgrounds.

arround MAIKAarround MAIKA

Only 5 minutes by car from Kyoto, Maica is surrounded by famous sightseeing spots, so exploring Kyoto is perfect to round out your day after the Maica experience.



Reservations and inquiries by phone.

We accept reservations by phone or online.
*For reservations on the day of, please contact our staff by phone.

Reservations and inquiries by phone. 075-551-1661

Telephone information service:
Business hours:
(open year round)

reservation by web

Online ReservationReservations and inquiries by WEB

2, welcome


First, you just have to fill out a sign-up application form at the front desk, The staff will help you fill it out.

3,Make up


We will adjust and apply the make-up according to how the customer arrives.
*We recommend not putting on too much of your own make-up.
*If you come with no make-up, we will start from the base make-up.
*You can dress freely.

4,Hair styling

OIRAN Hair stylingOIRAN Hair styling

You can choose from three types of hair styles.
Some options might not be available depending on your hair length.

Contemporary hair arrangement

Contemporary hair arrangement

You can choose a hair style and what length of hair you want. We have extensions for short hair and full wigs for customers who want short hair.

[Corresponding plan]
Kiyomizu plan
Kurama plan
Half wig

Half wig

We use a combination of extentions and your hair to create a more realistic finish.

[Corresponding plan]
Hanaougi Plan
(white-base make-up)
Yuugiri Plan
(natural make-up)
Tsukasa Plan
(white-base make-up)
Murasaki Plan
(natural make-up)
Full wig

Full wig(Only for white- basemake-up)

We recommend full wigs for customers with dyad, bright colored hair or short hair.

[Corresponding plan]
Kibune Plan
(white-base make-up)
Miyabi Plan
(white-base make-up)

5,Choosing a kimono

5,Choosing a kimono

You can choose from traditional to modern style kimonos. If you've never worn a kimono help you, our professional staff will assist you.
We have a variety of outfits,so even repeat clients can find something each fine.

6,photo shoot

6,photo shoot

Our studio is equipped with professional cameras for shoot high quality photos.
Our experienced staff will guide you and give advice in order to get the best photos.

7,Free photo shoot

7,Free photo shoot

After the studio photos you can take photos for free with your own camera for 30 minutes.
We have newly renovated Oiran photo booths ready for you to me.

8,Before going out into the city.

8,Before going out into the city.

We have a make-up room for you to use to get ready before going out to Kyoto for sightseeing.
Please remember to bring own your make-up.

9,Receiving the photo

9,Receiving the photo

If you wish, you can get a CD/DVD with your photos on the same day. (the CD with 20 photos costs JPY 2,000+tax). Please let the staff knew if you want it.


QCan you go out while wearing the costume?
No, as a general rule we don't allow this.
However, it is possible to take shots at the shop, in the courtyard, with the following plans:
QWhat is the difference between a half wig and full wig?
The half wig incorporates your own hairline, your bangs and hair on the side.
For those who are worried about greyhair, or last very short hair, we recommend the full wig. more info
QWhen will I recieve the photos?
You will recieve them when you leave.
DVDs are also available upon request.
QCan I take photos with my own camera?
You can take photos with your own camera, depending on the plan you chose.
QCan I take pictures of the make-up process?
I'm afraid photos may bother other guests, so we ask that you don't.
You can take photos after the dress-up is finished.
QDo I need to bring anything with me?
Please bring your own face wash and towels to take off the white make-up.
If you are planning to wear make-up after the experience,please bring your own produce.